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Updated: Jun 22

Paul Lapidakis Behind the Scenes | LiveControl Productions

The transition and self-esteem in our inner world is a journey filled with challenges but also significant victories. It is a path that requires courage, self-awareness, and self-love. At every step of this journey, self-esteem and self-love play a crucial role in our personal growth and happiness. Accepting our identity is the first and most important challenge. Many of us grow up in environments that do not understand or accept diversity. This can negatively affect our self-esteem. However, it is critical to understand that our worth does not depend on the opinions of others, but on the truth of our existence. Self-love is the foundation for self-esteem. By loving and accepting ourselves, with all our strengths and weaknesses, we can build a strong sense of self-esteem. This process is not easy and requires time and effort. However, every small step towards self-acceptance is a victory. Every step towards accepting ourselves and our identity brings us closer to true happiness and fulfillment. Let us always remember that our worth is undeniable and that we deserve to be loved and appreciated just as we are.

And so, this idea emerged—the creation of a video clip depicting the journey of my path towards self-acceptance and self-discovery. Over the years, the steps and the music of my performance changed, but the only constant elements were a costume and a chair, which ended up being integral parts of the video.

Unfortunately, the road to self-discovery and acceptance of inner truth and beauty, of weaknesses and strengths, is sometimes very difficult. This led to a significant loss after a period of continuous realization of my life and a long period of darkness until recently.

Bozikis Christos Portrait | Photoshoot by StudioAi

At that point, as if by magic, Bozikis Christos appeared and told me he had an idea! He was at a stage where he was dealing with his own inner darkness as a person and was in a very creative period.

He revealed to me a director-made script for a video clip that was “me”! We didn't need to say much; the whole script fit incredibly well with my temperament, experiences, and ultimately my own reality.

After many hours of discussions and exchanging ideas, we developed a friendship that helped us complete this project.

And so it happened! I immediately sent him the song I had in mind as ideal for this story, and Christos remixed it with various beats, effects, and other sounds in such a way that, by creating visuals from scratch as well as an entire lighting show, he tied everything together and built a complete result tailored to the story of the video.

Bozikis Christos & Paul Lapidakis Video Shooting Backstage

It is remarkable that the way he did it was unconventional. After all, it is well known to everyone who knows him that he has an unconventional perception and execution of the ideas he creates and undertakes in any project!

He created it through his own perspective and perception.

He used plot twists, time reversals, and easter eggs to add extra interesting touches to this scenario......................... The scenario of my life!

He specifically told me: I want anyone who sees this video to go through the process of watching and re-watching it until they discover what I've hidden in it so they can see what is hidden in their own soul.

Paul Lapidakis Behind the Scenes | LiveControl Productions

I dedicate this video to myself and to all of you, to remember that despite the difficulties we faced, we managed to embrace our darkness and prevail! … because we loved ourselves!

Thus, through this incredible experience, I finally managed to stand on my own feet again and move forward on my journey, this time with the power of self-acceptance and self-love.

Paul Lapidakis

Created by Bozikis Christos

🎥 Filmed By Live Control Productions

🎥 Filmaker Bozikis_Christos

🎥 Film Director @Bozikis_Christos

📷 Photography StudioAi

Dancer : Paul Lapidakis

Choreography : Paul Lapidakis

Music: Track: “Glory Box” Scorn · Portishead ℗ 1994 Go! Discs Ltd. Released on: 1995-01-02 Producer: Portishead Studio Personnel, Engineer: Dave McDonald

Remixed Song by ©Bozikis Christos

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