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Live Control | IOANNIS KAPODISTRIAS | In the Steps of a Great Leader

Ioannis Kapodistrias: In the Steps of a Great Leader A triptych of an exhibition, an educational program, and a theatrical play - specially written for this initiative - commemorating the 200 years since the Greek Revolution. A groundbreaking effort to explore the life of this great man. With significant unrevealed historical information, Kapodistrias' journey is seen through the eyes of the women he sacrificed for the sake of the only woman he served throughout his life: free and independent Greece.

A journey through the life of the eminent politician from his arrival in Aegina and later in Nafplio, showcasing his path as the first governor of free Greece. The play unfolds dramatized episodes of Kapodistrias' life in his birthplace, Corfu, in Russia, and in European countries where he was active, using the method of alternating narration from present to past and vice versa.

Scenes alternate with narrations of historical elements related to the prevailing climate in Europe in the early 19th century, combined with personal letters of Kapodistrias, while transitions are marked by original or adapted musical compositions performed live on stage.

The trajectory of Kapodistrias is followed through the most important female figures that defined him. A journey in the twilight of the diplomatic chessboard, full of espionage, secrets, intrigues, but also much dedication and faith towards the goal of liberating the Greek Nation. A journey that led the cosmopolitan Kapodistrias, in terms of his attire, to death, clad in his white robes, to meet the embrace of his only true "lover": his Homeland!

The Exhibition | Through specially crafted vignettes.


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