The best underground festival in the world in a secret, unique place in Western Greece. It’s none other than a wonderful ranch in exotic Pyrgos, Elis (To the Tower City).

The biggest self-organised festival that took place for the 3rd year with great success. Stoner rock, Black metal, Heavy metal sounds spread in every corner of the farm amongst hundreds of tangerine trees. The trademark, as well as the opening of the festival was, of course none than the huge tractor, which for yet another year caught everyone’s eye as it was marching and raging next to the stage!

The participation of the people was a given since for the third year in a row the organisers and members of Baladesert gave all of their good mood for everyone to have an unforgettable time.

Everything started in 2017, when the members of the Baladesert band decided to have a rehearsal at said farm with the tangerine trees.

The course of everything changed as the company at the farm grew constantly bigger and evolved to a small party that lasted the whole night.

That was the fuse for something more organised to start the following year.

It was named BALADESERT & FRIENDS inviting more friends from other bands who happily came, always on a non-profit basis since the festival was in fact, and will always be, self organised and with no entrance fee, no sponsors, “With the purpose to have fun, from us to ourselves” as characteristically said the whole company in one voice.

On occasion of this mention, a thank you to the friends who came with their companies and helped to have a good time.


2019 --- For the past two years “We were going after the full moon. At last we did it this year” the organisers of the Farm Attack festival said.

Farm Attack vol II from the farm to your ears under the light of the full moon where the wolves will literally come out at Boubie’s Ranch!!

As it happened!

The company grew so much that in correlation with the never ending motivation and the labor of a whole year from everyone, the festival literally took flight!

New ideas, new faces and artistic touches that beautified the farm brought the festival to the next level.

A Live outside the ordinary, a Live not like the others!!!



Our company, Live Control was of course on alongside the course of this endeavor, putting our own little stone, so that the Farm Attack Festival.

“And now that the dust set down, a couple of things should be said.

The Farm is everyone who rushes and helps in any way during the year to organise this party. The Farm is all the people who come in the best mood at the field to have a good time. The Farm is all the people from the bands who support with their music and energy this self organised endeavor”

It was never just one night...


Sound & Lights Pa Rental Company

Venue of the event Boubie's Ranch

Thank you Photographs

Petros Karonis & Viktor Lamprinos

The Bands



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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Special thanks to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport,

organizer of the event Ambassador of Georgia in Greece Mr. Ioseb Nanobashvili and

the staff of Embassy, as well and Mr. Avtandil Mikaberidze, founder of the

Educational and Cultural Center "Caucasus",

who entrusted our company with such a formal event in our country.

This event dedicated to the 101th anniversary of Georgia's independence in Athens, Greece. In the impressive Zappeion Concert Hall in which the Georgian band 'Mdzlevari' singing the national anthems of the two countries, as well as the most popular Georgian polyphonic songs (which, incidentally, have been added to the UNESCO list).

Live Control | 101th Anniversary of Georgia's independence in Athens
Live Control | P.A. Rental Company | Greece

Watch the video of the news from the Alpha Greek television channel which was found at the event.

See what they wrote in greek diplomatic life magazine on the link bellow.

Greek Diplomatic Life :

An illustrated review of political, business and social events of the month.

Live Control | Pro Sound & Stage Lighting

Live Control | 101th Anniversary of Georgia's independence in Athens

Sound & Lights Pa Rental Company

Venue of the event

Georgian band მძლევარი • Mdzlevari

Institution of the Educational and Cultural Center Caucasus

Young Ambassador Of Georgia to the Hellenic republic

Greek Diplomatic Life Magazine


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